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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Borrowers From The Bank Are Aware, The Central Government Gave A Huge Order

Borrowers From The Bank Are Aware, The Central Government Gave A Huge Order
Borrowers from the bank are aware, the central government gave a huge order
Government has now come into action mode against those who turn billions of money into money from the bank. The finance ministry has ordered all the government banks to deposit their passports for people who have taken loan of more than Rs.50 crores. For this, the bank has been given 45 days time. After the PNB scam broke out, the ministry has given this order. In the case of Vijay Mallya, Nirv Modi and Mehul Choksi, it has happened that they had gone abroad earlier and later the scandal opened.
The Finance Ministry has asked the bank to say that if a lender has no passport, the bank will have to take an affidavit from the lender. It will be written that the lender does not have any kind of passport. Banks will also have to change the loan application form and add the passport details to the company. If the bank has a passport dated at the time of giving loan of more than Rs.50 crores, then the defaulters will be prevented from fleeing from the country. Currently, there is no passport details of any bank lenders. So they take the loan to the bank by taking a loan. Apart from this, immigration and airport authorities also do not get any information. Besides this, now the government is preparing a list of strict conditions for taking loans from the bank. The step behind paying this step is to stop chatting with the bank and stop the defaulter from flying abroad.
An attempt to make the bank transparent
The finance ministry has taken a decision for transparent administration in the government bank. The finance ministry has also instructed the bank to prepare a report, in which the details of the loan seekers of Rs.50 crore or more are inevitable. If anybody is suspected against the lenders, the CBI will look into it. If there is a violation of any loan rule, the bank will take immediate action. Apart from this, the accounts of the borrowers will be scanned for more than 250 crore rupees. A bill will also be prepared to stop the offender from taking money from the bank. This is likely to be introduced in Parliament session for approval of the Economic Offenses Bill.
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